Same Day Dentistry

Dental procedures are considered tedious because they generally require multiple visits to the dentist. In addition, you may also have to live with uncomfortable temporary fillings and crowns for quite some time until a permanent crown is crafted for you. On the other hand, good news is that same day dentistry has revolutionized the way teeth were restored in the past. It uses Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC to restore your teeth in a single visit to the dentist.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM technology to obtain digital impressions of your teeth quickly and to generate a custom-fitted filling or crown in less time. The crown or filling is then bonded in place to restore your tooth. This cutting-edge digital mapping technology is more detailed and accurate than the traditional ways of restoring teeth.

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How does CEREC work?

CEREC is a modern technology which uses a milling machine and 3D software platform to restore teeth in a single dental visit. Below is a step-by-step guide to CEREC crown restoration:

1. Oral Exam

Like any other tooth restoration technique, CEREC also begins with a comprehensive oral examination. Digital X-rays are used to determine whether you can benefit from a crown or not. If yes, your dentist will prepare a treatment plan for you.

2. Tooth Preparation

The affected tooth is prepared to receive a CEREC crown. It will be numbed using a local anesthetic. If your tooth is inflicted with decay, the decay is removed and the tooth is disinfected using antimicrobials to remove any trace of bacteria.

3. Crown Creation

The optical impressions are fed to the CEREC 3D software. The software processes the impressions and converts them into a 3D model. This 3D model is used to custom-fabricate a crown. The 3D model is then transferred to the CEREC milling machine, which fabricates your new dental crown from a single ceramic block. This entire process is completed within 20 minutes.

4. Crown Bonding

Once the ceramic crown is fabricated, your dentist will cement it in place. The CEREC crown has a perfect shape, size, and color due to the detailed accuracy of the cutting edge CEREC technology.

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns or same day crowns?

CEREC crowns or same day crowns have many benefits over traditional crowns. The top benefits of CEREC are listed below:

1. CEREC crowns reduce the time spent on dental visits.

CEREC uses the advanced CAD/CAM technology to obtain a 3D model of your teeth. This 3D model is used to custom-fabricate a crown in just 20 minutes. CEREC provides you an opportunity to restore your teeth in a single dental visit.

2. With CEREC, you don't have to wear temporary crowns.

Traditional dental restoration requires you to wear temporary crowns till a permanent crown is made. Permanent crowns are made using impressions of your teeth in a dental laboratory and require at least a week to get fabricated. Temporary crowns are ill-fitting and hinder your ability to talk and chew properly and also irritate your gums. On the other hand, with CEREC, you don’t require temporary crowns.

3. No Uncomfortable dental impressions.

Traditionally impressions were obtained using putty and trays, which is messy and uncomfortable. CEREC uses an intraoral scanner to take images of your teeth and then creates a 3D model of your mouth. These optical impressions are more detailed and accurate than traditional impressions.

4. CEREC crowns are cost-effective.

Multiple dental visits mean more expenditure. CEREC crowns help you save money by cutting your dentist’s visit by half and dropping the need for temporary crowns.

5. CEREC crowns are more comfortable.

Traditional crowns are often ill-fitting and also irritate the soft tissues and gums. On the other hand, CEREC crowns fit perfectly and are also well tolerated by the surrounding gums and soft tissues.

6. CEREC technology is highly accurate.

CEREC technology allows your dentist to design crowns to fit your mouth perfectly.

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