People with missing teeth experience a lot of problems. They lose their confidence and self-esteem to gaps left by missing teeth, face problems while chewing and speaking and also suffer from bone loss. Dentures are used to solve these problems. Dentures consist of a gum-colored base which carries artificial teeth to cover the gaps left by missing teeth. This gum-colored acrylic base fits snugly over the gums.

The base of the upper denture blankets the roof of your mouth, while a U-shaped lower denture accommodates your tongue. Dentures replace a few or all the teeth on a dental arch. They are made using impressions of your teeth and look and function like natural teeth. Also, they can be taken out and put back into the mouth at your own convenience.

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What are the different types of dentures?

1. Complete Dentures

Complete dentures or full dentures are used when a patient has lost all his teeth on either one of the dental arches or both the arches. All the teeth are removed and the gums are allowed to heal for 6-12 weeks. During the healing period, the gums change shape and alter in shape. Then, the dentures are put in the mouth after the gums have completely healed.

2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace a single or a few missing teeth. They consist of an acrylic or metal plate with artificial teeth attached to it. The metal plate is clamped to the adjacent teeth and artificial teeth fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. It can easily be unclipped and removed.

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3. Immediate Full Dentures

Immediate full dentures like conventional full dentures are used when a patient has lost all his teeth. But immediate dentures are inserted in the mouth as soon as the teeth are removed. The gums are not given time to heal and as a result, immediate dentures require frequent fitting and relining.

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How are dentures made?

The denture fabrication process takes a few weeks. The steps followed to custom-make dentures are:


Step 1

Impressions of your teeth and jaws are taken and also the measurements of how your jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them are obtained.

Step 2

Wax models of your teeth are created. You will be made to try these models to check the shape, size, and fit.

Step 3

Your final denture will be cast based on the wax model. The final denture matches the size, shape, and color of natural teeth and fits snugly over your gums.

Step 4

You will return to your dentist for the required adjustments.

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