Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Align With Clear Aligner Orthodontics and Smile Like Never Before

Clear aligners are transparent, custom-made plastic trays that fit over the teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, which use wires and brackets to move the teeth, clear aligners use gentle pressure to gradually move the teeth into the desired position.

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Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Traditional metal braces use brackets bonded to your teeth with wires running through them to move teeth into proper positions. Each adjustment is a gradual process that leads to a beautiful, finished smile. Clear aligners are replacements for traditional orthodontics, and they are clear and removable! They are made customized for the patient and fit snugly over their teeth. Because they are smooth and don’t contain any wires or brackets, clear aligner orthodontic treatment is often thought of as more comfortable than traditional braces. You don’t have to worry about painful adjustments or uncomfortable tightness. Because they’re invisible—even when smiling wide—you can feel confident knowing you are undergoing your care without anyone even noticing.

Clear aligners can correct many of the same problems as braces, such as crooked or crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, and overbites or underbites. Patients who are looking for an alternative to metal brackets may choose clear aligner orthodontics.

Types Of Clear Aligners

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear aligners made of thermoplastic material. They are designed to look like tray-shaped structures that can easily fit into the shape of your teeth. Invisalign can be custom-designed and helps shift teeth to its natural position. By imparting the goodness of SmartTrack technology, Invisalign is a proven way to shift teeth faster than other orthodontic appliances.

What is the process of getting your Invisalign?

Getting your custom-made Invisalign begins with an initial consultation. The dentist would thoroughly examine your oral cavity by taking digital images. A roadmap would be generated to understand tooth movement and thereby a custom treatment plan would be laid out that would showcase step-by-step transformation of your smile. The dentist would discuss the treatment plan. Once approved, your Invisalign would be generated by using CAD/CAM technology. Based on the treatment plan, the dentist would advise when you must re-visit for your next set of aligners.

Regular appointments would be advised and planned out for you based on individual treatment plan.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

The benefits of using Invisalign to transform your smile goes beyond just teeth straightening. The smooth, compact and removable nature of your aligners makes it convenient and easy to use. Invisalign is portable and can be taken wherever you go. Invisalign is the perfect orthodontic appliance to treat cases of misalignments, gaps, crooked teeth, and other bite problems.

SureSmile Aligners

SureSmile is a type of orthodontic treatment that involves using clear aligners instead of metal braces. The aligners are made of medical-grade plastic that is transparent. They are made to fit over your teeth. The aligners are removable, so you can take them out to eat, drink, and clean your teeth. This allows you to maintain good oral hygiene, unlike traditional braces.

The patented SureSmile system is a high-tech system that uses a 3-D digital scanner to capture images of the mouth. These images are then used to create customized aligners that straighten teeth quickly and comfortably.

Benefits of the SureSmile System

The SureSmile system uses advanced technology to create custom treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. The scan taken by the 3-D digital scanner is mapped to a treatment plan that is specific to each patient’s unique smile. This helps ensure that the treatment is right for every patient and that no tooth movement occurs at an unnatural angle.

In addition, the system also plans out each aligner’s shape as well. Every aligner is shaped in such a way that it will be comfortable for patients to wear while also being effective at moving the teeth into the proper position. Patients should notice little to no discomfort during their treatment thanks to the proprietary comfort tip design. This design helps provide patients with maximum comfort throughout their entire course of treatment. The overall design is durable as well, so patients don’t have to worry about their aligners breaking or needing to be replaced during the treatment process.

Overall, the SureSmile system is both comfortable and effective, helping patients achieve beautiful, straight smiles with minimal discomfort and no unnecessary movements. The system can treat most misalignments, including overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

Get your personalized orthodontic treatment at Auburn Dental Group today. We use offer both Invisalign aligners as well as Sure Smile aligners at our dental office. Call us to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online for the journey to a beautiful smile.

Did you know Invisalign is officially the clear aligner sponsor of the NFL? Read more about it here!