Root Canals

Root canals are present inside the tooth. They refer to the natural cavity present in the center of the tooth. A pulp chamber is inside this hollow cavity which houses the nerves and tissues. Any crack on the tooth surface that allows the bacteria to seep in can cause a root canal infection. Bacteria infect the nerves and tissues and leave them dead and diseased. As a result, you may observe certain symptoms like:

  • Inflamed and irritated gums.
  • Persistent toothache that changes when you change your bite.
  • An abscess pocket at the end of the roots of the tooth.
  • Swelling that spreads to the face, neck, or head.
  • Bone loss encompassing the tip of the root.
  • Drainage problems extending outward from the root into the gums or through the cheek.
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A root canal treatment is a procedure of removing the infected pulp from the tooth. An access hole is drilled into the teeth and the infected nerves and tissues are removed. Then, the root canals are disinfected and the access hole is sealed with a dental filling.

How is a root canal treatment performed?

Root canal treatment is performed by an endodontist and is performed in three simple steps.

1. Removing the infected pulp.

The target tooth is isolated from the rest of the mouth with a gingival dam. An access hole is drilled into the pulp chamber and special files are used to remove the infected nerves and tissues from the pulp chamber.

2. Filling the root canals.

Next, the root canals are cleaned with disinfectants and irrigating solutions to remove any trace of bacteria. Disinfectants eradicate the existing bacteria and also stop any future growth. The canals are then filled with an inert filling, Gutta Percha.

3. Adding a dental restoration.

After the root canal procedure, the tooth loses a lot of its structure. It becomes fragile and susceptible to damage. So, the treated tooth is restored using a custom-made crown. The crown will completely cover the treated tooth and shield it against chips, cracks, fractures, and decay.

Root canal treatment is completed in a single appointment but may be stretched to two appointments in the presence of curved canals, multi-canals, or severe infections.

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