Digital Intraoral Scanner

Have you ever got a dental restoration, such as a crown, veneer, or bridge done by a dentist? If so, the dentist would have asked you to bite into a piece of gooey material used to take the impression of the teeth. Patients may find this method of taking impressions uncomfortable, which is why we use state-of-the-art technology to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

What is the iTero intraoral scanner?

The iTero intraoral scanner is a highly advanced device used to scan the teeth and make digital impressions. The data obtained from the scanner is used as a reference for fabricating dental restorations. It is also used for various other purposes, acting as a quick and efficient workaround for several conventional dental procedures.

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What are the advantages of the iTero scanner?

  • The process of scanning the teeth is simple and quick.
  • Patients can comfortably be seated in the dental chair while the dentist uses the wand-like scanning tool to scan the teeth and project the images on a computer screen.
  • Aligning the teeth from both jaws can be done effortlessly. Both the patient and dentist can view the process on the screen, giving them a better view of the entire oral setup.
  • The scanned images provide virtually an unlimited number of views of the teeth in 3D.
  • The precision of the scanned images is extraordinary. Even the most minute details can be viewed in high resolution. Such a level of detail will not be available with physical impressions.
  • The images rendered by the scans serve well to fabricate orthodontic appliances such as braces and Invisalign.
  • Most importantly, patients can avoid putting the putty-like gooey substance in their mouth, which could bring out the gag reflexes in a few individuals.

What is Primescan, and its benefits?

Primescan is an advanced technology used for dental imaging and scanning. It helps capture higher-resolution and precise data to create your dream smile without any hassle and in less time! Due to its excellent performance, it can even access hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and help avoid imperfections while creating CEREC crowns.

There was a time dentists had to use the putty-like substance in the patient’s mouth to bite down and take dental impressions. It used to cause gag reflex and mostly had inaccurate results. But now, the whole process of scanning in this superior design Primescan is ultimately quick and easy. The captured data is instantly sent to the lab to create customized high-resolution models.

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