3D Scanner

3D Scanner

The 3D scanner collects data by projecting light sources onto objects such as teeth, dental arches, and implants, and then turns it into a 3D digital file, commonly known as CAD files (Computer-Aided Design). The digital output is then used by the lab technician to create bespoke pieces at the request of a dental surgeon or patient using Additive Manufacturing technologies. At Auburn Dental Center in Bakersfield, CA, we use cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best care available.

What Is a Dental 3d Scanner?

A dental 3D scanner is a fixed machine that scans dental impressions, models, restorations, orthodontics, implant cases, and articulators. It enables the customization and planning of services such as tooth implants, bone grafts, and even root canals. These machines operate using structured light technology, which projects light onto the surface of a dental model, and then cameras take images to capture the deformation of the light lines, allowing the shape of the model to be calculated. It is frequently employed in dentistry laboratories because of the lack of direct interaction with patients.

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The Benefits of a Dental 3D Scanner

There are numerous advantages to using a dental 3D scanner. The most major advantages of this equipment are listed below.

More Precise

The accuracy of dental 3D scanners is what sets them apart. A smart desktop scanner, such as Upcera’s U3+, can scan without a blind angle, resulting in more precise findings. The dentist can provide a more definitive diagnosis with greater accuracy.

Reduced Implicit Cost

A dental 3D scanner is a better option if you’re looking for a solution to reduce hidden costs. This device boosts productivity through quick scanning and autonomous operation.

More Objects Can Be Scanned

The dental 3D scanner can scan the entire arch in a single phase. The technology scans impressions, uncut models, dies, articulators, and implants with no blind angle. More specifically, the dental 3D scanner provides a complete solution for post and core scanning.

More Applications

A dental 3D scanner has more applications since it is more accurate and supports more extensive scanning, such as the fabrication of prostheses/aligners/mouth guards, surgical planning, tracking patient progress, and digital storage of patient data. A dental 3D scanner’s numerous applications demonstrate its versatility to a wide range of applications.

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