Dental Bridge in Bakersfield, CA

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a popular solution we employ to fill the gap left by missing teeth. It’s a custom-made artificial tooth or teeth that join onto adjacent abutment teeth, essentially bridging the space.

Dental bridges provide a lifelike replacement that can seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth.

Depending on individual needs and dental health, there are different types of bridges available. The traditional bridge, the most common type, involves creating a crown for each tooth on either side of the missing ones and placing an artificial tooth between.

Other options like cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges offer solutions when there are adjacent teeth only on one side of the missing tooth or if it’s in front of your mouth where less force occurs during chewing.

Our professional team at Auburn Dental Center will help you determine which option best suits your situation during consultation and evaluation appointments.

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Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges bring numerous advantages to individuals dealing with tooth loss. Firstly, they restore the appearance of a full and healthy smile, which often boosts self-confidence significantly.

They are custom-made for each person’s mouth, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit.

The placement of dental bridges also enhances functionality in eating and speaking. A missing tooth can cause difficulty with these daily activities but installing a bridge takes care of that problem effectively.

Moreover, this treatment option provides support for surrounding teeth preventing them from shifting out of place over time.

Bridges offer some preventative benefits as well; reducing risks associated with oral infections or gum disease because they cover exposed gums where bacteria could potentially thrive.

Not only do they improve your current dental health situation, but also act as guards against future issues.

From aesthetic improvements to practical enhancements in daily functioning and long-term oral health protection – the advantages of choosing dental bridges can be multifaceted!

Our Dental Bridge Services in Bakersfield, CA

At Auburn Dental Center, we offer a range of dental bridge services in Bakersfield, CA that include consultation and evaluation, customized bridge design and fabrication, as well as bridge placement and follow-up care.

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Providing comprehensive dental care services is what we prioritize. The first step for receiving dental bridges includes a thorough consultation and evaluation process. Our committed dentist will examine your oral health to determine if a bridge is the right solution for you.

If there are missing teeth, we assess the surrounding teeth to confirm they can effectively anchor a dental bridge. Additionally, any underlining oral conditions that may impact the durability of your bridge implant are checked thoroughly.

This detailed procedure ensures exceptional results where our patients receive tailor-made dental bridges that perfectly fit their specific needs.

At our dental center in Bakersfield, CA, we excel at designing and creating custom dental bridges. Our skilled team works closely with each patient to ensure a perfect fit and natural appearance.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, we guarantee that your bridge will not only be functional but also visually appealing. Count on us to deliver outstanding results that will enhance your smile and promote oral health.

After the customized dental bridge is created, our professional team at Auburn Dental Center in Bakersfield, CA will carefully place it for you. Our dedicated dentist will ensure a comfortable and precise fit, so that your new artificial teeth blend seamlessly with your natural ones.

We understand the importance of follow-up care, so we provide detailed instructions on how to care for your bridge properly. Regular dental visits are recommended to monitor the condition of your bridge and maintain optimal oral health.

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